The flute calls to many of us. Its- the glorious sound has been part of our collective human experience for millennia. The oldest known flute was made of bone 9,000 years ago. Since then, the instrument has been present in virtually all cultures, providing a sound track to the passing of time. The 20th century alone is virtually synonymous with the chirping birdcalls of Peter and the Wolf, the haunting sound of Leia’s theme from Star Wars, and the piccolos’ patriotic chorus in “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

My idea for the Once a Flutist Festival came from comments that I heard or overheard, some at dinner parties, others waiting in line: “I used to play the flute,” or “My daughter/brother/neighbor plays the flute.”


We gathered 400 flutists mostly from Colorado for two days in March, 2017 to celebrate our always present inner flutists! Guests included Sir James and Lady Galway, astronaut Cady Coleman, CU Flute alumni and studio, members of the Colorado Flute Association and so many more!




"Little Galways" backstage